• Why do we post our rates online?
    In business it's better to be upfront and straightforward. You will ask what we charge anyway if you are a first time customer. If you have used our service before you'll just say "hi", explain what you would like done and ask when we can come over.

    We can quote you a flat rate for your job or we can work T&M, time and material. We offer fair pricing with no hidden fees and a full warranty on all work.

  • $125 for the first 90 minutes

    What if you are done before the first 90 minutes?
    Most electrical jobs we do take between 1 and 2 hours to complete. For jobs that involve troubleshooting and repairs small parts/material may be included at the electricians discretion. For installations, field conditions and complexity will determine if an adjustment can be made. 

  • $75 per hour for multiple hours

    If you have a medium size job and the first 90 minutes expire, labor is $75 per hour starting from when we clock in.

  • $75 for simple service

    What is considered simple service?
    Have a small job but still want a licensed electrician to do the work? We know not every job takes hours to do.
    Let us help you get it done.
    How do I know if I can get simple service for my job?
    It's simple...just ask when you call.

  • $45 minimum charge

    When do minimum charges apply?
    Sometimes you just need a hand or some help with something you can't figure out. But there are also many things you can do to avoid an unnecessary service call. Use common sense, try the obvious possible solutions.
    Check the circuit breaker...
    Install a new bulb...
    Change the batteries...
    Flip the switch on...

     100% guaranteed satisfaction on any job or your money back.