• Do you need an electrician to...

    Install a fan or lighting fixture?
    Need a switch or outlet added or moved?
    A timer for your coach lights?
    Raise an outlet/cable for your flat screen tv?
    Install surge protection?
    Is that bath exhaust fan driving you crazy?

    Typical things we work on every day...

  • Switches

    Installed, repaired or relocated.

  • Outlets

    Installed, repaired or relocated.

  • Dimmers

    Dimmers save electricity.

  • GFCI

    Installed or repaired for safety.

  • Wall Timer

    Control lights automatically.

  • USB Outlet

    Plug phone cord right in.

  • Circuit Breakers

    Circuit breaker repairs.

  • Protect your electronics.

  • Fluorescent light repairs.

  • Security Lights

    Installed or replaced.

  • Photo Cell

    On at dusk off at dawn.

  • Motion Sensor

    Activated by motion.

  • Ceiling Fans

    Installed up to 16 feet.

  • Fan Remote

    Select light or fan separately.

  • Coach Lights

    Installed or replaced.

  • Post Lamps

    Installed or repaired.

  • Bath Fixtures

    Installed or repaired.

  • Under Cabinet

    Upgrade to Led's.

  • Pendant Lights

    Installed or replaced.

  • Light Fixtures

    Installed up to 16 feet.

  • Sconce

    Installed or replaced.

  • High Hats

     Give us a call.

  • LED Trim Kit

    Save electricity.

  • Led Fixtures

    Laundry room, closet or garage.

  • Flush Fixtures

    Installed for low ceilings.

  • Sockets

    Fixture sockets replaced.

  • Plug Replaced


  • Landscape Lights

    Highlight your landscaping.

  • High Ceiling

    Ceilings up to 16 feet.

  • HWH Hard Wire

    Compliant HW heater wiring.

  • Flat TV Mounted

    TV mounted / wiring concealed.

  • Door Bell / Chime

    Door bell installed / repaired.

  • Microwave circuit

    20 amp dedicated circuit.

  • Garbage Disposal

    Stopped working?

  • Time Clocks

    Installed or replaced.

  • A/C Disconnect

    Installed or replaced.

  • Garage Fridg

    Electrical outlet installed.

  • Exhaust Fans

    Upgraded or repaired.

  • Exhaust Fan Parts


  • Smoke Detectors

    Troubleshooting and repair.

  • Wire Mold

    Install on concrete ceiling.

  • Ring Doorbell


  • Ring Floodlight

    Wired and Installed

  • Nest Thermostat

    Installed or replaced.

  • Residential service work. Troubleshooting, Installations and Repairs.

    Meters, panel changes, generators, transfer switches, new construction, pools, hot tubs, jacuzzis or jobs that involve trenching, extension ladders or scaffolding.

    Incandescent bulbs loose a large percentage of their energy in heat loss and increase energy used by A/C systems. When doing a new installation or retrofit use enegy saving LED's which are available for a wide variety of applications. You'll save money each month, they have a clean flush look, are longer lasting and run cool. It's recommended to change to a Led trim kit if you are changing the bulbs in your hi hats because the trim kit will seal small openings in your hi hats which allow the cooled air to escape into your attic. Now your ac will cycle less and you'll recoup your investment faster.

    With all the lightning and surges we get in our area it's advisable to have some sort of protection on your electronics and appliances. A popular type of protection is to have a surge breaker installed in your panel box. See the first 2 photos and you will say there is a surge protector installed, but which installation is correct. The one installed on the top or the one installed on the bottom. So lets take a closer look...

    The surge is going to enter through the main wires, go through the main breaker and travel through all the circuitry before it passes through the surge breaker. It's basically not performing any function. See the position of the surge breaker after the correction is made and how the white wire is trimmed and has a smooth bend as it reaches the neutral bar. This will allow the surge protector to absorb the surge quicker and before it passes through all the circuits distributing power.

    Is saving a few bucks worth compromising your safety?