• Lights out?...No power to your electrical outlets?

    Electrical troubleshooting is the systematic process to determine the cause of a malfunction and then taking logical steps to find a solution in the least amount of time. Assessment and the ability to repair electrical problems comes with training and field experience. Sometimes finding the cause of a power loss can be challenging but we do this every day and know what to look for.  Don't hire a parts changer. Troubleshooting by qualified people is your best bet for a safe and proper repair. Save time and money, get your repair done right the first time.

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  • Electricity should not be taken lightly. It is potentially dangerous and should be respected and handled by qualified people. Any electrical work in your home done by unlicensed individuals will not be eligible to be covered by your homeowners policy in a case where you need to collect for damages. 

    A gfci receptacle will not reset if it is not getting power. It will not reset if it is wired incorrectly or if it is defective. The most common reason it won't reset is because it's doing its job, sensing a leakage to ground. If this is the case the solution is to find the problem with the load side wiring or receptacles which are being protected. Call for service.

    You may have two appliances which draw maximum current plugged into the same circuit. Your counter if wired correctly should have a minimum of two 20 amp circuits. Have an electrician identify them so you can separate the appliances if you would like to use them simultaneously. If you suspect a problem with the wiring or you feel this is not the case have us check.

    This is unfortunate but also a common call, the appliance is not the problem. It's the electrical supply. Always take the precaution of having a qualified person check the power supply and the condition of the receptacle before making a major purchase.

    Have a look at the red wire, no doubt the screw holding down the wire was loose causing the insulation to burn back and causing the failure of the receptacle due to high temperature.

    Don't worry, it's not a ghost! Your fan is being controlled by another remote in close proximity. Usually a neighbor has a remote programmed to your same frequency. Open the back cover of your remote and change the dip switch settings...you will have to do this as well in the receiver which is in the fan canopy if your fan has an older type remote. If you are uncomfortable on a ladder give us a call, we'll be happy to assist you.

    The motor has an overload that will trip when the disposal can't overcome debris. Try pushing up the red reset button which is located underneath the unit. If it resets run the water and turn on the switch...if you hear a slight humming it means the motor is jammed. Turn off the switch and unplug the unit, then insert the disposal tool or an appropriate size allen key into the center of the unit on the underside and rotate clockwise a few turns to assist in breaking up the blockage. Plug the disposal back into the switched outlet. Run the water and try again. It should run, if not plug something else into the outlet to see if there is power at the receptacle. If there is no power see if the circuit breaker tripped. Give us a call if there is no power, we'll figure it out.

    A wire may have disengaged itself behind the fixture or the socket could be failing. Most of the time though, the problem is that the center pin of the socket which supplies the electricity is seated too low to make contact with the bulb.

    Your garage will have an outlet which is suppossed to be a gfci. If your fridge is plugged into it and it trips the fridge will loose power. The gfci in the garage has a function and that's to protect the outlets on the perimeter of your home. You may notice the fridg shutting off after it rains, and thats because you are getting water intrusion in one of those outlets. Over time they rust out and cause problems. Today special outlets are used which are tamperproof/weatherproof and with the proper cover will stop the water from tripping the gfci.

    Probably the most common reason your AC will stop running is because the drain is clogged. Look for the float switch at the air handler, lift the cap and check for water. If there's water the float switch has shut the unit down. Take a wet vac and attach it to the outside drain and evacuate the clog. Replace the float switch, the AC should run.

    If there is no blank cover plate in the ceiling where a fixture can be hung then the switch probably controls half of a receptacle in the room. It's code to have a way to turn a light on when entering a room. Shut the switch off, then take a tester or small lamp or radio and plug into the outlets until you find the one that doesn't work. That's the one controlled by the switch and is meant for a lamp.

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