• What's your power issue?

    • Completely lost power
    • Power loss in one area
    • 1 or 2 outlets out
    • Lights out 
    • Bathroom no power
    • A/C won't work
    • Outside outlets no power
    • Gfci won't reset
    • Lost internet
    • Kitchen counter outlets out
    • Afci circuit breaker tripping

    If your have completely lost power, step outside and ask a neighbor if they are without power as well.
    If yes, call the utility. 

    FPL EMERGENCY 800 468-8243

    With one simple call you can determine if the utility is responsible for your power loss or if it's a problem somewhere from your meter on into your home which will be your responsibility. Today with FPL installed smart meters the utility can inform you of power outages and service interruptions in your neighborhood. They can also turn your power on or off remotely for late or non payment.  If FPL informs you of no issues on their end then your power loss is being caused by something from your service point on.The meter and main disconnect are your responsibility along with your inside panel box and distribution. If this is the case let us help you get back going. Electrical problems should be handled by a qualified licensed electrician.

    If you need lighting or power assistance, count on our troubleshooting expertise to diagnose and repair the malfunction quickly.

  • On occasion a circuit breaker can go bad especially if it is old, however a tripping breaker is usually an indication of a problem inside the circuit. It's common for inexperienced people to assume that the circuit breaker, switch or receptacle is the problem when something stops working. An experienced electrician will of course check this but we are not part changers. We are troubleshooting experts and will find the source creating the issue.

    Electrical problems can not heal themselves. The breaker is responding to a condition for which it was designed and alerting you of a problem. By resetting the circuit breaker continuously you will cause irreversible damage to other components which will lead to a larger costlier repair. Leave it off and call for assistance.

    Not much really. If it's determined the circuit breaker is the problem we'll change it. As long as it is a current type UL listed panel it's a simple procedure to change a circuit breaker for a qualified person. If it's an obsolete type panel like an FPE or Zinsco you may want to look into changing the whole panel out. FPE and Zinsco breakers  have been known not to trip or get stuck in the on position creating safety hazards. Try getting a new homeowners insurance policy with one, the underwriter will insist you change it before issuing coverage.

    Back stabbed receptacles are the most common cause of power losses when the power goes out in a section of the home. Wiring crews get paid by piecework, which means the quicker they are done the more they earn. Unfortunately with that you become the recipient of lousy wiring practices. Back stabbing receptacles is when after the wires are stripped they are pushed into pressure ports on the back of the receptacle. As a result the wires of outlets that get heavier usage will loosen and disengage themselves from the port over time causing an open in the circuit and a power outage downstream. Although this is allowed, it is not the best method. Wiring should be done by wrapping the conductors clockwise around the screw and tightening or by using better quality outlets with pressure connections. This will eliminate this possibility. When making repairs we always use preferred methods. 

    All outdoor receptacles should be gfci protected so that’s what you are looking for. Most often you’ll find the gfci controlling the outdoor outlets in the garage. If it resets, the outlets should become operational again. If the gfci won’t reset, it may be defective or there may be a wiring issue. Give us a call.

    It's better if you turn the power off. Disconnecting the main breaker will stop surges from travelling through your circuitry and may prevent your electronics from being damaged. First turn off all the one and two pole branch circuit breakers in the panel, then shut off the main. To turn it back on, reverse the procedure. Turn on the main disconnect and then turn on all the branch circuits distributing power. You want to avoid switching the main while there is a large load present.