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    The two most common reasons circuit breakers trip are overloads and short circuits. If you reset the circuit breaker and it trips again after a brief interval it's probably being caused by an overload in progress. If it trips immediately it's a ground fault in the circuit and it will need to be cleared . If your house is 30 years old or more circuit breakers may trip because their internal components have weakened over time. Circuit breaker failure may also occur if they are loose on the bus bar or if the wire is not connected properly. Circuit breakers need to be maintained by flipping them on and off a few times each year. This will help keep the internal mechanical parts operational. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates the life expectancy of a circuit breaker to be between 30-40 years. Just as it is unsafe to drive on bald tires, old circuit breakers should be replaced. If you would like further information or pricing on updating your circuit breakers let us know.

    If you have lost all power and your main circuit breaker has tripped it may be because a short circuit with a large fault current has passed through your main panel box bypassing the controlling breaker and tripping your primary means of disconnect. A problem in your oven, water heater or a/c all use 240 volts and may cause this to happen.

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  • Start out by identifying the on and off direction stamped onto the circuit breaker body. Push the handle toward the off indicator and overcome the spring action and feel for a click. Turn the circuit breaker on. If you are attempting this at your main breaker make sure to shut off "all" the downstream circuit breakers before you begin.

    If its a single pole circuit breaker and is controlling lights or a few receptacles, unplug all devices in the affected area and turn the light switches to the off position. At your own risk try resetting the breaker one more time. If it resets this may help identify the problem. If it trips again call for help. If its a two pole breaker controlling larger loads which has tripped, get help...trying to reset a larger size breaker over and over will compound the problem and cause further damage. Electricity is dangerous and should be worked on by a licensed electrician

    Most likely it is a failing breaker that is being called on to supply power. It could also be an indication of something loose that is vibrating. A breaker that is warm may be an indication that your panel is overloaded. Any unusual sound or smell from your panel should never be ignored. Have us check it out for you.

    Shut off the circuit breakers to keep damage to a minimum and call immediately. This is a warning sign that should never be ignored. Disregarding this may lead to your panel burning up. 

    The circuit breakers job is to protect the wire in case it was approaching an unsafe amperage or temperature. If your 20 amp microwave circuit was tripping and you installed a 30 amp breaker what would happen is the breaker would allow the wire to heat up way past its current carrying capacity and it would burn up. The correct procedure would be first to find the cause of the overload, then plan the proper corrective action. Never install a larger circuit breaker without understanding the implications of your actions.

    Flipping your circuit breakers on and off occasionally is recommended as a form of maintenance. It will help keep the internal mechanical parts operational and may alert you of a defect developing in one of the circuit breakers. Sometimes a tripped circuit breaker gets hung up or stuck in what appears to be the on position even though it has tripped. If you are experiencing a no power situation and suspect a tripped circuit breaker always give them a little nudge to see if they are locked in.

    If the handle has broken off or if it moves effortlessly back and forth without engaging. If the circuit breaker is hot or has a burnt smell a new one should be installed. Changing the breaker is only one part. The question now is why did it fail? Let us check for you.