• What's causing my lights to flicker?

    Are "all" the lights in your house flickering or do they flicker just when you turn a certain switch on? If "all" the lights flicker it may be FPL having an issue with their supply wires to your home. A bad neutral wire will cause imbalances in your circuitry which will cause lights to flicker and behave irregularly. They will brighten when the voltage is high and dim when it is low. If you suspect this call the utility.


    If the utility informs you that your service is in order, then the problem is within your house wiring and you will need our help.

    What are the possible causes then?

    Damage by lightning strikes or surges
    Neutral wire burn back at panel box
    Failing circuit breaker
    Overlamping fixtures
    Loose or faulty connections
    Switch or socket failure
    LED dimmer compatibility
    Fluorescent ballast failure

    Flickering or dimming lights should never be ignored. Have a qualified person check why this is happening. Avoid further damage and a large expenditure by reacting right away.

  • Faulty connections. From a light bulb not screwed into a socket securely to lightning strikes which can cause major damage to an electrical system. The temperature meter is reading 206 degrees at the right side main connection point. At this extreme temperature a fire is imminent. Don't ignore the warning signs. Flickering lights spell trouble! Electrical components which have lost a tight secure connection are the cause of dimming and flickering lights and should serve as a warning to all homeowners.. 

    Don't ignore the warning signs. It's better to have a qualified electrician check. Electrical problems usually appear as something no longer operating in a normal way. A simple fix now could save you a larger repair later on.

    Not if this is lurking behing your panel box cover. It's important to understand electrical problems can not correct themselves unless there are repairs made. Burnt neutral conductors are responsible for a large percentage of flickering light issues. If the utility had a problem that was causing your lights to flicker they will send a crew out to make repairs. If the problem is in your equipment you will need to address it. Call us to troubleshoot why this is occurring.

    We are a state certified, licensed and insured electrical contractor and are available to help you. All our work is guaranteed for as long as you own your home.