• For you its the box in the garage that makes everything work. For us its the heart of your electrical system pumping power to the far corners of your home. When was the last time a qualified person took the cover off and looked inside your electrical panel? It probably doesn't even cross the average persons mind that this "may be" a good idea. Why not take this opportunity when the electrician is already at your house. We'll notice violations or hazards and explain what should be done to make corrections. Electricity is an essential component of our lives and easy to take for granted, but also needs to be respected and maintained at regular intervals to remain in peak operating condition.

    What we will be looking for...
    Missing panel blanks
    Missing knock out seals
    Wires without connectors
    Missing locknuts or bonding bushings
    Wrong brand circuit breakers 
    Oversized or undersized circuit breakers
    Double taps
    Incorrect phasing of shared neutrals
    Oxidation or corrosion
    Cracked/damaged or loose circuit breakers
    Main lug discoloration
    Sharp tipped panel screws
    Burnt conductors
    Loose connections
    Water intrusion/rust


  • It is actually a requirement to pass inspection. It's important to know which breaker controls what especially in an emergency.

    We can label your panel for you at your request.

    Yes, it's always better to have everything correctly done. We will explain what should be done and quote a price for repairs. Take the opportunity to at least have the panel checked. It's free with your service today.

    Ultimately it's up to you. We are pointing out conditions that do not meet current requirements and obviously should be corrected. Here there is no mechanical ground connection which is actually very serious but you would never know unless you had the panel cover off for an inspection. It is best to have your electrical service in prime operating condition.

    Move it. It is required to have clearance in front of the panel. In an emergency you will have to open the door to shut off the circuit breaker. Always keep a clear path to your service equipment indoors and outdoors.