• Do It Yourself

    "I tried to do it myself but now I realize I'm in over my head...and I can't get the breaker to stay on."

    Electrical wiring can get confusing pretty quickly if you don't understand what the purpose of each wire is. Now is not the time to experiment. Simply overlooking or neglecting to connect a ground wire or making an incorrect splice can lead to further problems or a shock hazard. If you're not 100% sure what to do, call for help. An experienced electrician will understand what's wrong and be able to complete what you started while checking and proving that existing conditions are correct.

    Give us a call...you'll be glad you did.

  • Handyman Special?

    Got some Mickey Mouse wiring you need corrected?

    If somethings not working right or just looks wrong it probably is. There are so many jobs a handyman can do without poking around in air conditioning, plumbing and electrical. See the Handyman Occupational License below for "can do" and "can not do" limitations by state law.

  • "Jack of all trades, master of none..."

    Just like the old saying goes, it's one thing to get something to work and another to make an installation or repair that will be safe and meet requirements. There are many things to be aware of and check before simply assuming that wires of the same color go together which of course they don't always. Hire qualified people to work in your home for things related to air conditioning, plumbing and electrical.

    We won't be watching electrical wiring videos when your not looking.

  • Hire Licensed and Insured Contractors

    You'll feel more confident and sleep better knowing the job was done by a professional.

    It takes many years trade experience and the ability to implement electrical formulas to become a certified electrician. Don't expect a handyman to supply the proper parts, survey/prove and wire like a professional. Initially you may save money but there is a high probability the work will need to be corrected. Either when it fails or when you sell your home. Electrical inspectors easily spot substandard wiring and will red tag the electrical section of your home inspection report. Now you'll have to hire a licensed electrician to provide documentation that repairs were made up to code in order for the sale of your home to go through. Repairing poorly done electrical work can be costly, why not  get it done right the first time. Many house fires a year are caused by substandard wiring issues brought on by those who don't understand electrical wiring concepts. Keep your family safe and protect your property.

    We are State Certified, Licensed and Insured for your protection

    Call us for professional electrical service for safety and peace of mind.